Some more thoughts on yesterday's hearing March 22, 2007 : 6:13 PM

I had a really interesting day at the House and Sen ate. Having served in both houses for several years, I was struck by how many members now accept the scientific consensus on the climate crisis. Of course there were a few who did not -but that wasn’t a surprise. The fact that the naysayers are increasingly isolated is very encouraging.

There was a big reaction in both the House and Senate when I told them about the more than 519,000 of you who signed the powerful messages I delivered yesterday. In fact since the hearing I have already had a lot of follow-up contacts from members of the committee wanting to introduce legislation that embodies the recommendations I offered. I was also contacted by many others, who want to solve the climate crisis and put it at the top of the Congressional agenda.

I am particularly grateful to Chairman Dingell and Gordon on the House side. And of course on the Senate side Chairwoman Boxer brought the hearing room to spontaneous applause when she held up the gavel and informed Senator Inhofe he's not in charge anymore

That was a moment that made me smile.