Step It Up on April 14 April 4, 2007 : 10:37 AM

Since March 16, has grown by more than 250,000, to an amazing 555,392 members. However to ultimately succeed and convince our elected leaders to do what needs to be done, we have to grow much bigger still.

In addition to increasing the size of our movement, we want to be constantly alert to any opportunities where members can help build momentum to solve the climate crisis. Sometimes these actions will take place on - but there are dozens of other groups doing great work. One of those organizations is Step It Up 2007.

Step It Up 2007 has organized a National Day of Climate Action on April 14. They've already scheduled more than 1,100 rallies in all fifty states - locations vary from the melting glacier on top of Mt. Rainier, to the levees in New Orleans, to underwater in an endangered coral reef off the coast of Florida, to your neighborhood park.

You can find the rally closest to your home, or if there isn't one nearby, host one yourself by visiting:

One simple message will unite these rallies - "Step it up, Congress! Enact immediate cuts in carbon emissions, and pledge an 80% reduction by 2050. No half measures, no easy compromises - the time has come to take the real actions that can stabilize our climate."

This reduction in CO2 may seem far-fetched, but it is within our grasp. Now we need our elected leaders to take the bold steps necessary to make it happen. Rallies in all 50 states are sure to further that goal.

Participating in, or even hosting an event is easy. Take the first step and sign up by visiting: