This Week April 5, 2007 : 3:14 PM

I've given my slideshow multiple times this week. On Sunday, I presented it to 7,500 higher education professionals in Orlando, FL and talked with them about campuses as centers of social change. Whether it was the civil rights movement or the effort to stop the Vietnam War, campuses have often been centers of conscience and passion in support of necessary changes in society. I believe that they will play an even greater role in the months and years ahead as we all rally to solve the climate crisis.

The following day, Monday, I gave my slideshow to several thousand students at Arizona State University and the response was overwhelming. By the way, on many campuses - including Arizona State's - the climate crisis already transcends political boundaries. Republicans as well as Democrats are calling for bold action.

On Tuesday, I spoke about the climate crisis to a large group of engineers gathered in Silicon Valley at the "Embedded systems Conference." These engineers are crucial to our society's effort to redesign all of the systems that use - and waste - energy. They will also be crucial to the development of the "Electranet" - the smart grid that will facilitate widely disseminated micro-generation of electricity from renewable sources. The smart grid will also help our society to reduce the waste of energy that is now endemic throughout our country and the world. In the evening I engaged in a conversation about the climate crisis before 3,000 guests of the CA Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

I can report to you that everywhere I go, I find rising awareness, a growing sense of urgency and a building determination and commitment to solve the climate crisis. I am very optimistic that we are getting closer and closer to the political tipping point that is necessary to embolden the political leaders in every party to make the policy changes that are so necessary.