Training in Nashville April 12, 2007 : 6:31 PM

I spent the last 3 days training 150 people from all over the United States - and from Canada, the United Kingdom, Senegal, Germany, and Cameroon - to give my slideshow. It was an incredible and inspiring experience for me, because these men and women are so committed and so passionate and are now launching a new wave of slideshows in the communities and states and nations where they live.

This group brought the total number I have trained at sessions here in Nashville to over 1,000. If you are interested in reading about the trainings there have been some great articles in Time Magazine, The Sun Journal, and the Tennessean.

These trainees come from every conceivable background. Businesspeople, educators, environmental activists, farmers, clergy, scientists, students, homemakers, grandparents and retirees, musicians, actors, and a professional football player - Dhani Jones - starting linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Incidentally, I have previously trained 85 people in Australia, who are doing a really amazing job crisscrossing that nation (Don Henry, the head of the Australian Conservation Foundation attended this week's session as an observer. I will hold a second training in Australia this fall - which of course is Spring down under), and 200 people in the United Kingdom last month. Speaking of athletes, that group included the world famous coach of the Manchester United football (soccer) club, Sir Alec Ferguson.

Future training sessions are now in development for China, India, Africa, and South America.

I have found that many people will watch and listen when their neighbors give the slideshow and engage in a meaningful discussion about how we can solve this climate crisis. The trainees thus far have already given my slideshow more times collectively in the last six months - 3,000 - than I have been able to give it in 20 years.