Buffalo and Toronto May 1, 2007 : 6:59 PM

After the Tribeca Film Festival last week, I gave my slideshow at Hamilton College near Utica and then gave it twice at the University of Buffalo -- in the afternoon to thousands of high schools students and in the evening to a university and community audience.

I then traveled to Toronto and delivered my slideshow at the Green Living Conference to an audience of business leaders who are now involved in selling environmentally friendly and sustainable products. That evening, I presented the slideshow to an audience of 3500 business leaders from all across Canada.

I also had a chance to visit with my longtime friend David Suzuki, Canada's leading environmentalist. The two of us were dismayed when Canada's new Environment Minister announced a fraudulent plan for CO2 that - if followed - would guarantee that Canada violated its obligation under the Kyoto Protocol. The good news is that opposition leaders and citizens from all across Canada are expressing their disagreement with the Canadian government's about face on Kyoto and are urging that Canada comply with the treaty that it signed and ratified.