New Orleans to LA May 8, 2007 : 4:31 PM

I gave my slide show last week in New Orleans, at Tulane University and spoke with local leaders about the slow pace of recovery for the city after Hurricane Katrina more than 20 months ago. The audience was enthusiastic and the questions were very sharp and well focused. While in the city, I also spoke to a large gathering of risk managers for corporations. During this speech I praised the special role that executives in charge of analyzing risk can play in making corporations aware of the dangers associated with the climate crisis.

Later in the week I gave my slide show to 3000 executives that included a large number of hi-tech superstars from China. This group will be critical in encouraging the government in Beijing to take action to help solve the climate crisis.

I then gave my slide show in Los Angles to several thousand lawyers who serve as in house councils for many of America’s largest corporations. We then discussed the leadership role some companies are taking to reduce greenhouse gases.

At the end of the week I spoke to 2000 architects at the 150th Annual Meeting of the American Institute of Architecture. Their entire convention was focused on green development and sustainability. I was really impressed with the creative ideas that many architects are advancing as part of the solution to the climate crisis.