Your house, a TV, and two billion people June 20, 2007 : 12:36 PM

On July 7, more than 2 billion people will join together to watch the Live Earth concerts and demonstrate to our leaders that the time has come to solve the climate crisis.

Wherever you are that day, you can be part of the action. At events around the world, we are going to convert the potential energy of Live Earth into a global campaign. In thousands of homes, people will invite their friends and neighbors to watch the concerts and join the movement to solve the climate crisis.

NBC will be televising Live Earth (and even more extensive coverage will be available live on MSN) so turning your house into a Live Earth venue is easy. Will you commit to organize a Live Earth house party on July 7th? The parties will be fun and they'll make a difference.

7.7.07 will be the one opportunity we have to bring hundreds of millions of new people into our campaign. We cannot let it slip by.

If you host a Live Earth Party, you'll have access to a special video I’ve made urging people to take action. Together, I know we can convince everyone attending these parties to get involved. In a few short hours, you and your friends can watch the concert, take action and at the end, upload a photo from your event that will be accessible to others taking part throughout the world. Through these parties, we can reach more people than ever before and build a truly global movement to solve the climate crisis.

Holding a Live Earth party is easy and we will have all the tools you need to make your party a success.

Sign up as a party host by visiting:

Live Earth will be a unique moment when the uninterrupted and undivided attention of the world will be focused on the climate crisis. I need your help to really make it count.