November 2007

Step It Up Again November 1, 2007 : 4:01 PM

The power of a single individual to create change has always inspired me. Earlier this year, my friend Bill McKibben decided he was going to establish a day of action to fight the climate crisis.

Out of his idea, “Step It Up 2007” was born, and on April 14th tens of thousands of people, including thousands of members of, joined together at 1,400 rallies to raise their voices and demand that Congress cut carbon 80% by 2050.

"Step It Up 2: Who's A Leader" will take place this Saturday. You can find a rally in your area by visiting:

"Step It Up 2" is going to be an incredible event. Already, 59 Members of Congress and 7 Presidential candidates have signed up to attend rallies around the country.

Participating is so easy: just click the link above and find a Step It Up event in your area. With hundreds scheduled in all 50 states, there is probably a rally near your home.

After you RSVP, use Step It Up's online tool to invite your member of Congress, both your Senators, and all of the presidential candidates. We need to convince as many of our elected leaders as possible to attend these events so they can witness first-hand the huge movement demanding action to solve the climate crisis.

Just the act of inviting your member of Congress will help demonstrate the incredible support for our cause.

Sign up to attend a Step It Up Rally by visiting:

People like Bill McKibben and events like Step It Up are helping us build the political will necessary to end the climate crisis. It is vital you participate in any way you can -- November 3rd is going to be an incredible day.


What inspires you to take action on global warming? November 5, 2007 : 12:22 PM

The Alliance for Climate Protection challenged people from around the world to make provocative ecospots -- short video messages that inspire people to get involved in solving the climate crisis. Hundreds upon hundreds of ecospots were submitted. George Clooney, Cameron Diaz, Orlando Bloom, Rihanna and the rest of the judges picked the semifinalists based on which were the most inspiring and relevant to climate change.

Now you get to tell us which of the semifinalists' entries inspired you the most by picking the winners of the “:60 Seconds to Save the Earth” Ecospot Contest. Vote now at:

The top four ecospots as chosen by you, the community, will be featured in the Alliance's national campaign, broadcast internationally on Current TV and showcased on MySpace's Impact Channel. Choose carefully because this ad is crucial to the Alliance's effort to change the way people think about global warming.

The grand prize winner gets a Toyota Highlander hybrid (if the winner is a US resident) or a Toyota Prius (if the winner is a UK resident). Three finalists receive prizes from Sony, and 19 runners-up get T-Mobile Sidekicks.

Vote now to tell us which ecospot is the most inspiring and relevant to addressing global warming.

Voting ends at 12:01 pm PST / 3:01 pm EST on Friday, November 9th. So get the word out and encourage others to vote. After all, you can change how people think about the climate crisis by spreading the word.


Al Gore in Rolling Stone November 6, 2007 : 4:24 PM

Read Al Gore's interview with Jann Wenner.