Investing in the climate February 18, 2008 : 1:12 PM

On Thursday, I spoke to more than 500 financial leaders and institutional
investors at the third UN/CERES Investor Summit. The attendees were
searching for ways to confront, from the perspective of the financial
sector, the shift to cleaner sources of energy and away from carbon
businesses are sure to face in the coming years.

I told the audience they need to reexamine their investment portfolios,
because currently they are full of subprime carbon assets ­ businesses to
reliant on carbon intensive energy.

Financial advisors and investment managers will need to focus on the
long-term solutions to the climate crisis in order to be successful. An
important step they can take, is signing the Investor Network Action Plan.

Financial managers controlling over $1.75 trillion in assets signed this
document, unveiled at the conference. It lays out principals by which these
investors cannot only help solve the climate crisis, but also see the
rewards in the form of financial profits.