Texas Size Energy March 10, 2008 : 12:13 PM

When I used to think about Texas I envisioned a landscape with oil derricks dotting the landscape. Well that’s changing fast and some of those oil wells are being replaced with wind turbines.

Wind is right now supplying power to more than 1,000,000 homes in the state and that will continue to increase. In fact in 2006 Texas became the number one producer of wind power in the United States

Even oilman T. Boon Pickens, is switching over to alternative energy. Right now he is planning on building the largest wind farm in the world. "I like wind because it's renewable and it's clean and you know you are not going to be dealing with a production decline curve," Pickens said. "Decline curves finally wore me out in the oil business."

Wind power is even creating a real estate boom. For example in Nolan county, total property values have doubled since the wind boom began, and it is estimated they will increase by another 25% this year.

If Texas can move away from carbon based fuels, then any state can.