April 2008

New thinking on the climate crisis April 8, 2008 : 11:43 AM

You can watch the brand new slide show I presented to the Ted Conference by clicking here.


Alliance Update April 18, 2008 : 1:04 PM

On April 2nd, our efforts to solve the climate crisis took a giant step forward. The Alliance for Climate Protection launch its massive multi year effort called the “We Campaign”

Our efforts began with a multimillion-dollar ad buy. Here is our first ad which is airing coast to coast:

But that is not enough. In addition to seeing our ads on TV, in magazines and on their favorite websites, though partner organizations Americans will come into contact with our message when they go to church, talk to their union, or work with their daughter on a project for the Girl Scouts.

There are a number of organizations fighting the climate battle on all levels. From legal efforts to block the construction of new coal plants, to drives in state legislatures for renewable portfolio standards, to comprehensive congressional climate legislation, these players are waging the ground war on climate every day. The Alliance will supplement and support the myriad ongoing efforts of other organizations, but is unique in its scale and breadth.

Already more than 1,000,000 Americans have joined our effort and we’ve set a goal of enlisting an unprecedented 10 million citizens to become climate activists. You can join today by clicking here.

We also have an army of surrogates spread across the country, with more than 400 Climate Project presenters that I’ve personally trained to give my PowerPoint presentation. These presenters will be working in tandem with our partner organizations to spread the word about the urgency and solvability of climate change.

We all know Washington will not act on its own. Only when they recieve a major push from the public to solve the climate crisis, will U.S. leadership will not address the
issue domestically, and negotiation of an effective international treaty. That is why it is so important you join our efforts today by clicking here.

Two more ads from the Alliance: