Changing the Map June 12, 2008 : 5:18 PM

The climate crisis is actually changing our maps. On Tuesday, the UN released a new atlas, composed of over 300 satellite images of every African country. While the continent produces only 4% of the planet’s green house gasses, their effects are clear.

In addition to ecological damage I mentioned in my slide show, for example the receding of Mount Kilimanjaro glaciers, the pictures also show previously unknown consequences of the climate crisis.

According to the Associated Press, “These include the disappearance of glaciers in Uganda's Rwenzori Mountains and forests in Madagascar, and the loss of Cape Town's unique 'fynbos' shrub land vegetation.”

We already knew the climate crisis was increasing poverty, disease and starvation in Africa, now we see it actually shifting the landscape. These unfortunate events demonstrate the global impact of our addition to fossil fuels, and the need for a global solution now.