Campuses Go Green July 31, 2008 : 5:19 PM

As reported in the Boston Globe, college age students today are exposed to and educated about sustainability initiatives at a younger age than ever before. And the results couldn’t be more positive. Now, these environmentally knowledgeable students are demanding smart sustainability initiatives from the colleges and universities they attend.

According to the Princeton Review’s “Best 368 Colleges” survey, “63 percent of college applicants and their parents said they wanted more information about a college’s commitment to the environment, and a quarter of them said it would strongly impact their decisions to apply or attend a school.”

Harvard University pledged this month to slash its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2016, while the University of New Hampshire became the first school in the nation this year to use landfill methane gas as its prime energy source.

In many ways, this article is telling us something we’ve known all along: educating Americans of all ages about the environment and the climate crisis could not be more critical.