2,000,000 August 12, 2008 : 12:24 PM

I learned today that Barack Obama is about to cross an incredible milestone. Nearly 2,000,000 Americans have made a contribution and joined his campaign for President.

This is an extraordinary moment for our nation. Barack Obama is proving that successful campaigns don't have to depend on Washington lobbyists, but instead can rely on millions of Americans joining together to fight for a cause they believe in.

I think it would be a powerful statement if the members of AlGore.com helped put Barack Obama over the 2,000,000-donor mark. You can make a contribution to his campaign today by visiting:


Barack Obama, because of his incredible campaign, has a unique understanding of what it means to lead a movement of people committed to improving our country. He knows that change will not come from Washington, but will come instead from millions of people joining together and taking action.

Today you can help expand the movement to elect Barack Obama President, by making a contribution and growing his campaign to 2,000,000 donors.


We need a President who does not enter the White House in debt to corporate lobbyists, but one who owes his success to small contributions from millions of Americans. You can help make that possible.