A set back August 13, 2008 : 11:59 AM

We've made so much progress during the past year, both gathering people to join our movement, and taking steps to solve the climate crisis. However we’ve also had some setbacks.

The New York Times recently reported that the National Center for Atmospheric Research eliminated a program that helped developing countries forecast and confront the effects of the climate crisis.

The program cost approximately $500,000 a year and according to Ilan Kelman, senior research fellow at the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, "In terms of value for money . . . Dr. Glantz's [the program’s director] science was among the best, being cutting-edge and cost-effective, yet influencing the world. He also ensured that science was used for humanity and by humanity."

Earlier this year, Bono and I spoke about the intersection between the extreme poverty in the developing world – especially in Africa – and the climate crisis. It is impossible to solve one of these issues without dealing with the other.

The Bush administration’s drastic cuts in funding for scientific research are to blame for the elimination of this project. Hopefully our next President will understand the benefits of scientific inquiry to our country and the planet.