New Ad: Switch August 11, 2008 : 11:02 AM

I wanted to share with you the Alliance for Climate Protection’s new ad that will begin airing across the country today:

Our dependence on foreign oil, the climate crisis, and the problems facing our economy are all linked – but so are their solutions.

As Cathy Zoi, CEO of the Alliance for Climate Protection wrote:

“Switching now to clean energy sources will revitalize our economy -- we can be global leaders in developing and manufacturing clean energy technologies. It will enhance our national security -- reducing the pressure on our troops to protect oil supplies and avoiding the worst climate impacts in politically unstable regions of the world. It will make high gasoline prices less of a burden in our daily lives -- enabling us to transition to clean plug-in hybrid electric cars. It will help solve the climate crisis -- if we fail to act soon, the consequences for our children will be dire.”

Please watch the ad, and then share it with your friends.