Renewable Tax Credits August 21, 2008 : 12:57 PM

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wrote at the Huffington Post this week:

"When people are cheering about a drop in gas prices to just below $4 a gallon, something is fundamentally wrong with our nation's approach to safely, affordably and reliably meeting our energy demands. We must act to relieve the burden of high costs in the present and we must better prepare for the future. Passing an extension of federal renewable energy and energy efficiency tax credits is at the top of the list for me. It is past time for our government to do more to spur investment in clean energy to complement and catalyze the growing interest and willingness of the private sector in this critical new industry."

Harry Reid is correct. Instead of talking about drilling off shore, we need to act immediately to pass an extension of the renewable energy tax credits.

These credits are a vital part of moving towards our goal of a 100% clean energy economy in the next 10 years. Without them, wind and solar energy projects currently under construction or in the planning stages will be threatened.

Congress must pass, and the President must sign, this important piece of legislation before the end of the year. You can demand that your member of Congress support tax incentives for renewable energy by clicking here.