The Next President October 31, 2008 : 3:29 PM

In one week Americans will go to the polls and elect our next President. Whoever wins, (and I certainly hope and believe it will be Barack Obama) must take immediate steps to deal with the climate crisis.

"As NASA climate scientist James Hansen recently stated, the next president and Congress 'must define a course next year in which the United States exerts leadership commensurate with our responsibility for the present dangerous situation.'

Otherwise, he said, it could soon become impossible to reduce the level of gases enough to prevent changes such as rising oceans and dying plant and animal species -- what Hansen called 'disastrous climate changes that spiral dynamically out of humanity's control.'"

The challenges we face are immense – a global economy in crisis, and two ongoing wars. However, the solution to the climate crisis will also help us solve the economic crisis by putting people to work in green jobs and stimulating the economy with the large investment necessary to convert our energy infrastructure to renewable energy.