Barack Obama's Team December 19, 2008 : 2:17 PM

Barack Obama has selected an exceptional team to lead the fight against the climate crisis. The group includes:

- Carol Browner, who is on the Board of the Alliance for Climate Protection and previously was head of the Environmental Protection Agency, will serve as Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change.

- Steven Chu who won a Nobel Prize in physics and is a member of the Copenhagen Climate Council, an organization that is creating momentum for an international climate treaty in 2009, has been nominated to be Secretary of Energy.

- Lisa Jackson, head of the New Jersey EPA, who has worked to pass legislation requiring cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, will head the EPA.

While this is an amazing group of public servants, we must recognize that there is still a very difficult challenge awaiting us before we can pass new laws that truly solve the climate crisis. Public support for doing the right thing is more crucial now than it ever has been.

Now more that ever, I urge you to join the Alliance for Climate protection by clicking here.