Reality December 4, 2008 : 12:40 PM

This year alone, coal companies and coal burning utilities spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to brand their product as clean. Yet right now, not a single American home is powered by a coal-burning plant that uses carbon capture and sequestration technology. (“Clean Coal”) And by far, coal does more damage to the climate than any other fossil fuel.

Instead of trying to make coal clean, the coal industry has spent their money on advertising designed to make the American public look the other way. This “clean coal” slight of hand needs to stop.

If the industry could make good on its promise and actually create a technology for capturing and safely storing all of the global warming pollution that is generated by burning coal, that would be a welcome development. But there is not single large-scale demonstration project anywhere in the United States. In fact, the head of the industry group said the technology “is in its infancy.”

The industry has every incentive to create the illusion that this technology is just around the corner - so they can use that illusion to ward off measures requiring them to stop dumping their pollution into the earth’s atmosphere - but they have no incentive to develop and build the technology. The rest of us can no longer base the strategy for human survival on an illusion.

That’s why today, in partnership with some of the largest environmental groups in the country the Alliance for Climate Protection is launch a new campaign called: Reality.

You can view the ads and join the campaign by visiting: