California April 15, 2009 : 1:42 PM

I've noted a few times here on media reports on the effects of the climate crisis on different areas of the United States. Well, according to the LA Times:

"As California warms in coming decades, farmers will have less water, the state could lose more than a million acres of cropland, and forest fire rates will soar, according to a broad-ranging state report released Wednesday."

"The document, which officials called the "the ultimate picture to date" of global warming's likely effect on California, consists of 37 research papers that examine an array of issues including water supply, air pollution and property losses."

"Without actions to limit greenhouse gas emissions, "severe and costly climate impacts are possible and likely across California," warned state environmental protection secretary Linda Adams."

As new climate policies are debated in Washington, we need to remember that the effects of action or inaction will be felt here at home. The new California report estimates California farmers could lose as much as $3 billion a year because of the climate crisis – a devastating impact to the economy if we do nothing.