The Cost of Inaction April 21, 2009 : 4:16 PM

When climate crisis deniers and their allies argue that cap-and-trade and other legislation costs too much, they always seem to ignore the price of inaction.

The LA Times reported:

"Global warming could rob the U.S. economy of $1.4 billion a year in lost corn production alone, a national environmental group estimated in a report released Thursday."

"The Environment America study, based on government and university data, projects that warming temperatures will reduce yields of the nation's biggest crop by 3% in the Midwest and the South compared with projected yields without further global warming."

"Iowa would be hit hardest, losing $259 million a year in corn revenues, followed by Illinois at $243 million. California, which leads the country in agriculture but doesn't grow much corn, would take an estimated $4.7-million hit."

Nearly every industry will be impacted by our planet's warming. The costs of inaction far out way any expense incurred to repower America.