A Postage Stamp A Day June 23, 2009 : 10:16 AM

According to a new letter from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office the American Clean Energy Security Act, our best legislative hope to repower America, would cost approximately $175 per household in 2020.

The author of the bill, Representative Ed Markey said, "Americans know that building a clean energy economy has real value, and this CBO analysis proves it. Low-income American families will see a $40 benefit from using more wind and solar energy and less foreign oil. And for the cost of about a postage stamp a day, all American families will see a return on their investment as our nation breaks our dependence on foreign oil, cuts dangerous carbon pollution and creates millions of new clean energy jobs that can't be shipped overseas."

These figures do not take into account the economic benefits of repowering America. For example last week a new study found that 1.7 million new jobs would be created by clean energy legislation.

It’s good for our economy and good for our climate. The time to act is now.

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