We Can Lead June 12, 2009 : 12:46 PM

Brought together by Ceres, major American corporations from Starbucks to Ebay to Duke Energy purchased an ad in the Wall Street Journal calling for an “economy-wide cap and trade program.”

The ad raises a vital point:

"But when it comes to preparing our country to compete in the clean energy economy, the U.S. is losing and we lag far behind our global competitors. Even as our inventors create new technologies, we often lose them to overseas markets that have supportive government policies and incentives."

"China's clean economy strategy includes a stimulus investment of $221 billion over the next two years - double that of the U.S. Until the late 1990's, the U.S. dominated the global solar energy market; now Japan, China and Germany are the leaders."

"Just as we seek to mend our economy to be "shovel ready" and job creating, we are in fact supplying a "shelf ready" economy with our technologies being plucked off our inventors' shelves for production in other countries. Of the world's top 10 solar PV, 10 wind and 10 advanced battery manufacturing companies, only five of the 30 are U.S. companies."

Solving the climate crisis is good for American business, no matter what climate deniers want you to believe.