August 2009

The Warmest Seas on Record August 4, 2009 : 2:37 PM

According to the Sydney Morning Herald: [Link]

"For as long as people have taken the temperature of the seas they have never been so warm."

"Global ocean surface temperatures for June were the highest since records began, in 1880, breaking the record set in 2005, the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration of the United States says."

"The average sea surface temperature for June, measured by satellites and buoys, was 0.59 degrees above the 20th-century average of 16.4 degrees."


Laura Ling and Euna Lee are coming home August 4, 2009 : 10:47 PM

Current Media journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, who have been detained in North Korea since March 17th, will be coming home on Wednesday morning with former President Bill Clinton, who is at this moment returning from North Korea having obtained their release.

We want to thank the Obama Administration for its continuous and determined efforts to achieve this outcome, and President Clinton for his willingness to undertake this mission.

All of us at Current are overjoyed at Laura and Euna's safe return. Our hearts go out to them - and to their families – for persevering through this horrible experience.

We will have more to say in the days and weeks ahead. But for now, all our thoughts are with Laura and Euna and their families, who have shown remarkable courage and initiative for the 140 days of this ordeal.


In your community August 7, 2009 : 2:35 PM

Congress has returned home for the August recess. As Senators travel their states, they need witness a public outcry demanding they return to Washington in the fall and pass legislation to Repower America. Sign up today to take action in your community by clicking here.

Our actions in August will determine the success or failure of our efforts this fall.


Messages from Laura and Euna August 18, 2009 : 1:51 PM

Last week, Laura Ling and Euna Lee posted messages of thanks on These two brave journalists should be an inspiration to all of us.

Laura closed her letter with this important message:

“Euna and I are two of the lucky ones whose story of captivity resulted in a happy ending. But there are so many journalists imprisoned around the world whose fate is still undecided. It is my sincere hope that the energy ignited around bringing us home will be harnessed into raising awareness around these fellow journalists and their struggle for freedom.”


What we're up against August 19, 2009 : 5:07 PM

Last week, The Hill reported on the massive effort undertaken by the fossil fuel industry to block clean energy legislation.

"Energy Citizens, an alliance that includes the American Petroleum Institute, National Association of Manufacturers, and the American Farm Bureau Federation, is planning 21 rallies in 20 states to build grassroots opposition to the climate bill sponsored by Reps. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) and Edward Markey (D-Mass.)."

Make no mistake, fossil fuel companies and their allies will make every effort possible to resist change. They are scared because this is a fight they know we can win. That is why it is so vital that you write your Senator today. Let them know you want them to support legislation to repower America and solve the climate crisis by clicking here.


Energy efficiency in a war zone August 20, 2009 : 2:32 PM

According to The Guardian, the Marine Corps has ordered an energy audit to keep fuel costs down in Afghanistan. A single gallon of fuel in the war zone can cost as much as $100.

The study was “motivated by the high costs -- as well as the risks to troops of getting oil and water to combat zones. For land-locked Afghanistan, the nearest port at Karachi in Pakistan is more than 400 miles away from marine bases, and maintaining those long supply lines has become an increasingly dangerous proposition.”

Military bases inside the U.S. are already working to lower their use of fossil fuels by exploring the use of renewable energy sources to provide electricity. In fact, last week in Nevada at the National Clean Energy Summit 2.0, the head of the Nevada AFL-CIO spoke about the 72,000-panel, 14-megawatt solar plant, which helps to power the Nellis Air Force Base.


Family Values August 21, 2009 : 10:54 AM

Last week the Alliance for Climate Protection released a powerful new ad highlighting the positive impact that clean energy legislation will have on American families.

Maggie Fox, the CEO of the Alliance eloquently stated,

"We know transitioning to clean energy is an economic necessity. Families need savings on their energy bills, workers need good jobs with good wages that clean energy can deliver and our manufacturing sector must stay competitive in the industries of the future. This is also a values question: what type of economy, environment and future do we want to pass on to our children? Lower energy bills, good jobs and a healthy planet are family values."


Make the call August 24, 2009 : 2:13 PM

Last week the Climate Protection Action Fund launched the Repower America Hotline: 1-877-9-REPOWER (737-6937).

When you call, enter your zip code, so we know which Senator to deliver your message too. Then say your name and ask them to support comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation that jumpstarts our economy by creating good jobs, lessens our dependence on foreign oil and reduces harmful pollution. Be sure to mention you are a voter from their state.

It will only take a minute or two and will have a major impact.

Call 1-877-9-REPOWER right now.


Tipper's Photography August 25, 2009 : 1:10 PM

Tipper's love of photography began in the early 1970's with the gift of a 35mm Yashica camera. Soon thereafter, she became a part-time photographer for The Tennessean where I also worked. After we moved to Washington, she continued to freelance for newspapers and other organizations and she has taken hundreds and hundreds of amazing photographs of documenting our life and service together. She published a book of her photography in 1996 entitled, Picture This: A Visual Diary. I hope that you’ll visit her new website.


Fake vs. Real Grassroots August 29, 2009 : 2:23 PM

Building a grassroots movement is difficult. The Alliance for Climate Protection has spent the past two years working hard to grow to more than two million members ready to take action to solve the climate crisis. Of course some want to take shortcuts.

It has been widely reported that Bonnor and Associates, working for the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, sent fake letters to members of Congress purporting to be from grassroots organizations opposing the American Clean Energy Security Act. The problem was some of these organizations, including a chapter of the NAACP, had taken the opposite position. Bonnor’s goal was to try and demonstrate a movement opposed to legislation where none existed.

What can we do? Fight back with our real grassroots muscle.

This month alone, Repower America is hosting more than 50 events in 20 states to show how strong our grassroots presence is. And you can call the Repower Hotline at 1-877-9-REPOWER to help demonstrate that the American people demand comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation.

Our movement has been building towards this moment. Together we will not fail.