Southern Governors Hear Warning September 2, 2009 : 1:38 PM

The Richmond Times Dispatch recently reported:

“Global climate change over the next 20 years will cause intense droughts in the Southwest, floods in the Northeast threatening the coastline and urban areas, and significant storm damage along the Gulf Coast, a panel of Southern governors was told yesterday.”

“Retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Richard Engel, director of the Climate Change and State Stability program of the National Intelligence Council, told the governors that the changes could also affect U.S. national-security interests -- aggravating poverty, degrading the environment and destabilizing fragile government regimes of nations around the world.”

When the Senate returns to Washington this fall, they need to take action to immediately address the climate crisis. Our failure to act will have wide-ranging and catastrophic consequences. Take action today and call the Repower America Hotline to leave a message for your Senators.

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