Chamber of Commerce on the defensive October 21, 2009 : 4:11 PM

The Chamber of Commerce is on the defensive. For the first time their anti-environmental ideology is catching up with them and prominent members are leaving the organization.

According to the New York Times:

“Companies should ignore calls from "environmental extremists" and other adversaries to resign from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a senior official with the business association implored today.”

“In a letter to chamber members, the Washington, D.C.-based association's chief operating officer, David Chavern, said that some companies may have received e-mails, letters and other communications from third parties as the chamber lobbies Congress and the White House on climate change policy, health care, union voting rights and other contentious issues.”

"Please note that these calls against the chamber are part of a broad-based, multi-source campaign against us being carried out by our normal adversaries -- trial lawyers, activist unions, environmental extremists, etc.," Chavern wrote. "It is a 'corporate campaign' in the classic sense, where groups are looking for public leverage to force us to do things against the best interests of the business community."

“Chavern promised to send members additional information about what he dubbed the "scope and objectives" of the adversaries' campaign. Chamber spokesman J.P. Fielder declined to elaborate as to what Chavern meant.”

The Chamber is worried because they know that companies can no longer attempt to look green, while outsourcing their anti-environmental activities to other organizations.

Far from “environmental extremists” most Americans support our government taking action to solve the climate crisis. The Chamber on the other hand, would like nothing more than the status quo, something that is clearly no longer acceptable to many of their members