President Obama in Copenhagen November 10, 2009 : 4:29 PM

I was asked last week, "would it be helpful for President Obama to go to the United Nations conference on climate change in Copenhagen in December?"

The answer is, of course, yes, and I think he probably will. I certainly hope he will. Given how high the stakes of this international meeting are, I think it would make a big difference. Because we're the strongest economy, one of the two largest emitters of global warming pollution, and recognized as the natural leader of the world community, it's important for us as Americans to fully appreciate the role we play.

Since this is the most dangerous challenge the world has ever faced, and since the scientists have given us fresh warnings that we don't have a lot of time to reduce global warming pollution, it's really important for the United States to play the leadership role the rest of the world expects us to play.

President Obama's attendance in Copenhagen would be a clear signal of our leadership.