Conservatives for Climate Change December 17, 2009 : 11:08 AM

In our current political environment, it is customary to divide our country along ideological or political lines -- liberal and conservative, Democratic or Republican, etc. However, fighting the climate crisis should not be a topic that is simply placed on the political spectrum. Conservatives have as much of an interest in solving this crisis as liberals.

Writing in the Washington Post, James Murdoch (son of Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corp.) makes the case for why conservatives should be on board with solving the climate crisis:

"Conservatives champion the essential characteristics of America: liberty, enterprise and ingenuity. As world leaders consider how to transform the way we make and use energy in the face of a changing climate, it's time for an energy policy true to that spirit -- and it shouldn't be anathema to the American right." 

"Conservatives have a robust tradition of principled concern for the environment. It was, after all, Teddy Roosevelt who created five national parks and signed the Antiquities Act. It was Richard Nixon who established the Environmental Protection Agency, and George H.W. Bush who ushered in one of the greatest environmental success stories, the 1990 cap-and-trade plan to take on acid rain."

Please pass this article on to any friends or family on the right side of the ideological divide.