A Great Debate January 28, 2010 : 4:26 PM

Robert Kennedy Jr. recently debated Massey Energy CEO and climate crisis denier Don Blankenship.

There were several notable moments during the event. The first one happened when Kennedy addressed the scientific consensus behind the climate crisis:

“I have a choice of believing the 98 percent or the 2 percent,” Kennedy said. “If you believe my 98 percent and we go ahead and try to reduce our carbon, we’ve gotten rid of the dirty fuel, we’ve made ourselves energy independent, improved our national security, improved our prosperity and quality of life and health for American citizens. If we believe Mr. Blankenship and his 2 percent, and they’re wrong, the whole of civilization is destroyed.”

The second noteworthy exchange occurred on the issue of mountaintop-removal mining. Kennedy directly asked Blankenship:

“My question to you, and I know you’re an honest person, I want to ask you this question: Is it possible to do mountaintop removal mining without violating the law?”

Blankenship responded:

“I doubt it’s possible without having a single violation at a single time,”