Clean Energy Creates Jobs January 27, 2010 : 11:26 AM

Last week while visiting Ohio President Obama, “watched formerly laid-off workers weld and shape components for wind turbines as they work toward a certificate or associate's degree.”

Green energy job are a vital part of any recovery bill. That is why during his speech the President told the crowd:

"I'm calling on Congress to pass a jobs bill to put more Americans to work building off our Recovery Act; put more Americans back to work rebuilding roads and railways; provide tax breaks to small businesses for hiring people; offer families incentives to make their homes more energy-efficient, saving them money while creating jobs."

"'That's why we enacted initiatives that are beginning to give rise to a clean energy economy. That's part of what's going on in this community college. If we hadn't done anything with the Recovery Act, talk to the people who are building wind turbines and solar panels. They would have told you their industry was about to collapse because credit had completely frozen,' Obama added."