"The Most Important Policy We Will Ever Pass." January 21, 2010 : 4:36 PM

Last week Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid gave an amazing speech at the Geothermal Energy Association’s Energy Finance Forum in New York. He told the crowd:

"As you know, the House has passed a comprehensive clean energy and climate bill that does many of these things. I support addressing each of these issues in the Senate’s version, and I expect that to happen this spring. "

"We have a lot on our plate. We have to finish reforming health insurance and Wall Street, and also must help bring Americans out of unemployment. But we are not so busy that we can’t find the time to address comprehensive energy and climate legislation."

Senator Reid went on to hold Senator Murkowski accountable for her climate killing amendment:

"For example, next week Senator Murkowski of Alaska may offer an amendment – to a completely unrelated bill, it should be noted – that would stop the EPA from protecting Americans from global warming pollution. It’s a highly political move, and a highly hazardous one to our health and the environment."

"If this Senator succeeds, it could keep Congress from working constructively in a bipartisan manner to pass clean energy legislation this year. That’s why I will work hard to defeat this misguided amendment. I hope that doesn’t come to that."

You can sign Repower America’s petition opposing the Murkowski amendment by clicking here.

Senator Reid concluded by saying:

"And though turning around the effects of years of recklessness might be the most difficult issue we tackle, taking on the clean-energy challenge also may be the most important policy we will ever pass. And we cannot afford to wait any longer to act. "