The Right Political Move January 31, 2010 : 5:09 PM

Here are some amazing results from the Allstate/National Journal/Heartland Monitor poll:

Even more amazing is how Cap-and-Trade was described:

"A cap and trade system to address climate change by allowing government to set limits on the total amount of greenhouse gases that can be emitted nationally."

As Climate Progress pointed out:

“That’s right, people were asked about what is widely considered to be a straight political loser — “cap and trade to address climate change” — with no mention of the many benefits of the bill that typically poll far better — increasing energy independence, generating clean energy jobs, and reducing pollution.”

They go on to note:

"Poll after poll makes clear this bill is a winning political issue:"

"1. Swing state poll finds 60% “would be more likely to vote for their senator if he or she supported the bill” and Independents support the bill 2-to-1 (9/09)"

"2. New CNN poll finds “nearly six in 10 independents” support cap-and-trade (10/09)"

"3. Voters in Ohio, Michigan and Missouri overwhelmingly support action on clean energy and global warming (11/09)"

"4. Overwhelming US Public Support for Global Warming Action (12/09)"

"5. Public Opinion Stunner: WashPost-ABC Poll Finds Strong Support for Global Warming Reductions Despite Relentless Big Oil and Anti-Science Attacks (12/09)"

Solving the climate crisis is not only the right thing to do legislatively, it is also the right thing to do politically.