Who's Behind the Murkowski Amendment? January 19, 2010 : 4:36 PM

The Washington Post confirmed “that two Washington lobbyists, Jeffrey R. Holmstead and Roger R. Martella, Jr., helped craft the original amendment Murkowski planned to offer on the floor last fall.”

Who are Holmstead and Martella?

"Jeffrey Holmstead was the assistant administrator for air and radiation at EPA from 2001 through 2005."

"After leaving the administration in 2005, Mr. Holmstead joined the law firm of Bracewell and Giuliani, where he heads the Environmental Strategies Group. Mr. Holmstead is a registered lobbyist for Bracewell and Guiliani, and has lobbied for Ameren Corporation, an electrical utility company; Arch Coal, a coal producer; and Duke Energy, an electrical utility company."

"Roger R. Martella, Jr. was general counsel for the EPA from 2007 to September 2008".

"After leaving the administration in 2008, Mr. Martella joined the environmental practice group at Sidley Austin LLP, as a partner. Mr. Martella is currently a registered lobbyist and has lobbied on the behalf of the National Alliance of Forest Owners, a business alliance focused on the needs of private forest owners and managers, and the Alliance of Food Associations, a "business alliance dedicated to protecting the food sector and its consumers.""

Republicans and climate deniers are allowing energy company lobbyists to write environmental legislation. Now they are close to having the votes to make this horrible amendment a reality. That is why it is so important you sign Repower America’s petition opposing the Murkowski amendment now by clicking here.