Taking Care of Climate and Job Concerns March 28, 2010 : 12:06 PM

Kevin Curtis, Program Director at the Alliance for Climate Protection, has a great post up at the National Journal's Energy and Environment Experts blog:

“Solving the climate crisis is one of the defining issues of our time. Acting to stop catastrophic climate change is not a matter of public opinion, it is about responding to a reality. And Americans have consistently supported action to address this reality. Poll after poll has shown a large majority of Americans acknowledge the reality of climate change, despite the best efforts of professional skeptics who have tried to discredit the overwhelming scientific evidence. Of course, the polls show that Americans are very concerned about the weak economy and high unemployment rates — it’s the worst economic situation most Americans have ever faced. Yet the polls also demonstrate that Americans, in contrast to much of the hyperbolic rhetoric on this issue, understand that addressing climate change will also help the economy.”

A recent survey at Stanford University found that 75 percent of Americans acknowledge that global temperatures are rising. While the poll found a 5 percent decline from the year before, it attributed this shift to a minority of Americans who do not trust climate scientists, and might be persuaded by short-term events such as changes in the weather. A recent poll by Republican pollster Frank Luntz found nearly two-thirds of Americans believe climate change is likely caused by humans.”

Read his entire post by clicking here.