Eliminating Mountaintop Mining April 9, 2010 : 4:16 PM

It is widely acknowledged that mountaintop mining causes extreme environmental damage, destroying forests and polluting rivers. Senators Lamar Alexander and Ben Cardin have stepped forward, writing legislation to ban the practice.

"The legislation, which is co-sponsored by Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.), would redefine mining waste as a pollutant, thus barring companies from dumping debris into valleys below their mountaintop projects. The idea is that if it becomes too expensive to truck the debris off-site, then companies will stop blowing up mountains altogether.


"The new EPA guidelines are useful in stopping some inappropriate coal mining in Appalachia but Congress still needs to pass the Cardin-Alexander legislation that would effectively end mountaintop removal mining," Alexander said in a statement issued Thursday. "By mountaintop removal, we mean blowing the tops off of mountains and dumping the waste in streams.""

We cant just move away from Mountaintop mining. We also need to move away from coal and other fossil fuels that contribute to the climate crisis.