Logging Company Takes a Pro-Climate Stand April 5, 2010 : 12:06 PM

Another corporation has stepped up to publicly support clean energy and green jobs legislation. According to the New York Times: [Link]

“Global timber giant Weyerhaeuser Co. said today it has joined the U.S. Climate Action Partnership group that is lobbying for comprehensive climate and energy legislation on Capitol Hill.”

“The Federal Way, Wash.-based company becomes the 29th member of the business-NGO lobbying coalition, alongside General Electric Co., General Motors Co. and the Natural Resources Defense Council.”

"The forest products industry will play a leading role in reducing dependence on fossil fuels and reducing emissions of carbon dioxide using biomass from forests, a sustainable resource and one of the best at sequestering carbon," Weyerhaeuser CEO Dan Fulton said in a press release. "The role of forest fiber in a low carbon economy will depend on the public policy concepts under debate in Washington, D.C."

It’s time to put to bed the myth that climate legislation will be harmful to our economy. Passing clean energy and green jobs legislation is not only an environmental necessity, it is an economic one as well.