Go See Inception July 16, 2010 : 4:27 PM

I have never recommended a movie before on algore.com, but I am making an exception this weekend for a movie that I had an opportunity to see when it premiered in Los Angeles last Tuesday: "Inception".

Do yourself a favor and see it! It is, in my opinion, a real work of genius by the writer and director, Chris Nolan, with brilliant performances -- especially by my friend and fellow environmentalist, Leo DiCaprio -- incredible special effects, and a truly great musical score by Hans Zimmer.

Warner Brothers devoted the proceeds from the "Benefit Premiere" to the Alliance for Climate Protection -- so you could say I am biased.

But this movie really is one of the best, most entertaining, and most thought-provoking I can ever remember seeing. And I am far from alone in that assessment.

Here are a couple of quotes from the reviewer for the Washington Post, Ann Hornaday:

"'Inception' is that rare film that can be enjoyed on superficial and progressively deeper levels, a feat that uncannily mimics the mind-bending journey its protagonist takes..."

"Nolan exemplifies the best kind of filmmaking, unchained from the laws of time, space and even gravity, but never from the most basic rules of narrative. Even at its most tangled and paradoxical, "Inception" keeps circling back to the motivation that has driven films from "The Wizard of Oz" to "E.T.": Cobb, finally, just wants to go home."

"This aim, in its simplicity, manages to make comprehensible even the most preposterous layers-upon-layers of "Inception," and gives what could easily have been a chilly, impenetrable exercise a surprisingly strong emotional core. At its most audacious and enterprising, "Inception" provides just the kind of fully imagined escapism that adventurous filmgoers wish movies aspired to more often. But it's the story's most recognizable human struggles -- to let go, forgive and move on -- that make "Inception" worth puzzling over, long after its most transporting sensations have washed away.”

Kenneth Turan, film critic for the Los Angeles Times, describes the film as "mind-bending, intelligent, exciting and disturbing sci-fi extravaganza, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, (which) blends the best of traditional and modern filmmaking.”

In any case, I highly recommend it. And it opens today across the country. It is a thriller that is not only riveting but also will keep you thinking long after you walk out of the theater. I hope you get a chance to see it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.