Clean vs. Dirty Energy Subsidies August 14, 2010 : 5:41 PM

The problem with our energy policy summed up very succinctly:

“The financial consultancy, based in London, estimated that around $45 billion or so was doled out in subsidies for renewable energy sources like wind and solar power in 2009, noting how this compares to the most recent International Energy Agency estimate of global subsidies propping up fossil fuels. For 2008, the agency reported last month, such supports totaled around $557 billion — which was a big jump from the $342 billion in 2007. The I.E.A. concluded that “phasing out such subsidies would send a price signal to create incentive for more efficient use.””

It is insane that we're subsidizing fuels that pollute our air, harm our planet and destabilize our security.