The Truth About Prop 23 October 19, 2010 : 3:32 PM

Repower America has prepared a helpful factsheet debunking myths about Prop. 23:

“Myth: Proposition 23 is the “California Jobs Initiative” and will help with the state’s unemployment.”

“The Facts: Passing Proposition 23 could slow job growth in California. The state’s renewable energy mandate, along with major investments in solar power, could create tens of thousands of jobs per year — jobs that would not be created if Prop. 23 passes. [1] If Proposition 23 is passed, clean energy companies might move out of the country, taking jobs with them. As of 2007, the state had over 10,000 businesses in the clean energy sector supporting more than 125,000 clean energy jobs. [2] Voting “no” on Prop. 23 will help keep those numbers on the rise.”

“Myth: Proposition 23 will help California’s economy and save consumers money.”

“The Facts: Big oil companies only care about their own bottom lines, and their bottom lines are tied to our addiction to dirty fossil fuels. Keeping clean energy in California will be good for both our wallets and our environment. We’ll develop renewable energy here at home instead of buying oil from abroad. And we’ll protect consumers from spikes in the price of fossil fuels.”

Read the entire factcheck by clicking here.