Clean, Renewable Energy is a Bipartisan Issue February 16, 2011 : 10:48 AM

A new poll from Gallup shows the American people are ready for action. It’s time Congress catch up and recognize, solving the climate crisis by generating clean, renewable energy is a bipartisan issue:

“A Gallup poll released last week listed eight actions Congress could take this year and asked respondents to say whether they favored or opposed them. Of all eight possible congressional priorities listed in the poll, the most popular was: “pass an energy bill that provides incentives for using solar and other alternative energy sources.”

“And according to Gallup, “of the eight proposals, the alternative energy bill and tax code overhaul ideas show the greatest bipartisan agreement, with 74% or more of each party group favoring these.”

“You can see the partisan breakdown for each of the eight policies here:”