Montana Rep Attempts to Codify Climate Denial February 25, 2011 : 7:07 PM

State Representative Joe Read is attempting to write climate denial into state law. Here is the text of the bill he introduced:

"A bill for an Act entitled: "An Act Stating Montana's Position on Global Warming""

"Section 1. Public policy concerning global warming. 
(1) The legislature finds that to ensure economic development in Montana and the appropriate management of Montana's natural resources it is necessary to adopt a public policy regarding global warming.
(2) The legislature finds:
(a) global warming is beneficial to the welfare and business climate of Montana;
(b) reasonable amounts of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere have no verifiable impacts on the environment; and
(c) global warming is a natural occurrence and human activity has not accelerated it." [Huffington Post]

Unfortunately Representative Read cannot overturn the laws of nature. According to the state’s official website:

“Climate change will affect all of Montana's major economic sectors: agriculture, forestry, transportation and tourism, and energy supply. We may be challenged with decreased crop yields, longer forest fire seasons, reduced snowpack, and declining hydropower. The environmental costs may include reduced wildlife habitat and diminished water quality and stream flow. It is imperative that we all begin to do what we can to address this crucial issue for our own sake and the sake of the generations of Montanans to come.”