New York Times on Our Choice App May 10, 2011 : 11:48 AM

Another positive review:

"People pitch me on new apps all the time, but Al Gore doesn't do it that often. In
fact, only once -- last week I took the bait.

I met with him and his collaborators on "Our Choice," a $5 app version (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) of Mr. Gore's 2009 best seller of the same name."

"Now, I'll be frank with you: I must get pitched every other week on some "revolutionary" e-book app that claims to reinvent the book. That usually means it has a couple of video clips in it."

"Our Choice, though, might actually live up to the boast."

Purchase the Our Choice App today by clicking here. One hundred percent of my proceeds will be donated to the Alliance for Climate Protection.