Who Speaks for the Climate? November 1, 2011 : 12:04 PM

Professor Max Boykoff has a very interesting new book out entitled Who Speaks for the Climate? Making Sense of Media Reporting on Climate Change. He writes:

"These considerations of "who speaks for the climate" via mass media may be as important as formal climate governance architectures themselves to the long-term success or failure of efforts to take carbon out of the atmosphere or keep it out. We ignore or dismiss the influence of media representations-cultural politics more broadly-in shaping climate science and governance at our peril. The many "actors" in this theatre of cultural politics-from climate scientists to business industry interests and [NGO] (pro)activists to artists, union workers, farmers, teachers, television and movie stars-are ultimately all members of a public citizenry. In short, a more informed public and more wisely supported links between science, policy and media are in our collective self-interest."

This is an important book for those trying to understand the conversation of democracy. You can purchase it by clicking here.