Climate and Faith December 15, 2011 : 9:51 PM

A great profile of climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe in the LA Times:

“When Katharine Hayhoe was faced with telling a group of petroleum engineers in the heart of the Texas oil patch that the main culprit for climate change is humanity's consumption of fossil fuels, she expected pushback.”

"Aren't you scientists just in this for the money?" one older man asked — thelatest insult after a string of anonymous emails asserting that she and other climatologists were corrupt liars.”

“Most climatologists refuse to answer skeptics, preferring to let the research speak for itself. Hayhoe is one of a small but growing number of scientists willing to engage climate change doubters face to face. Unlike most of her colleagues, she is driven as much by the tenets of her faith as the urgency of the science.”

“A rising star among climatologists, Hayhoe, the daughter of missionaries, is also anevangelical Christian. Though the science supporting climate change grows ever more compelling, fewer Americans now accept the scientific consensus than they did three years ago. No group is more resistant than political conservatives, especially white evangelical Christians, who often say that climate change is a hoax.”