West Virginia's Energy Future is Clean December 2, 2011 : 9:33 PM

Allen Johnson, co-founder of Christians For The Mountains, writes in the Charleston Gazette:

“West Virginia simply must face the fact that it cannot play all its marbles on coal, and step into the future of clean, affordable, efficient energy.”

“Is such a future realistic? Or must we rely upon coal to "keep the lights on" and keep West Virginians working? Must we imperil our health and blight our state's natural wonder through mountaintop mining? Is there a workable road map that is not propped up by interminable massive taxpayer subsidies?”

“The good news is that there is such a road map. The Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, Coal River Mountain Watch and Christians for the Mountains joined the Civil Society Institute in releasing a major new report that outlines a realistic and affordable path to a cleaner and less expensive energy future.”

Read Allen Johnson’s op-ed by clicking here