The Fox Effect February 16, 2012 : 1:10 PM

There is no media outlet that has made more of an effort to mislead its viewers about the climate crisis than Fox News. But we all know their faulty coverage does not stop there.

Now David Brock and Ari Rabin-Havt from Media Matters have written a significant new portrait of the network. Using memoranda leaked from inside the company, and most significantly, Fox’s own on air behavior, they tell the story, beginning on a cruise ship in the middle of the Mediterranean, of how the network manipulated the 2010 election and our nation’s discourse during the first years of the Obama administration.

Nancy Pelosi wrote:

“Media Matters tells the truth–and then spreads the truth far and wide. They are a leading and effective voice in combating misinformation. This latest book, by founder David Brock, makes clear the threat that incendiary journalism poses to our democracy.”

I could not agree more.

You can buy The Fox Effect today by clicking here.