Crippling New York April 17, 2012 : 1:50 PM

The effects of the climate crisis could cripple transportation in New York:

“By mid-century, global warming-related sea level rise is expected to render these levees ineffective against even relatively weak storms, according to a 2011climate assessment and supported by Climate Central's report on coastal flooding. And the predicament facing La Guardia is far from unique. All three of the city's major airports are situated along the ocean and face similar sea level rise-related risks.”

“But it's not just the city's airports at risk. As 106 million passengers per year funnel through the terminals, collecting their luggage, they'll head into New York via taxis, trains, cars and buses - another network of transportation that is at considerable risk of flooding from the combination of sea level rise and storm surges.”

“As sea level increases in response to manmade global warming, the 100-year storm is turning into a far more common event, and climate change adaptation is taking on a heightened sense of urgency throughout the transportation sector. The challenges are particularly acute in the New York City area, where mass transit moves more than 8 million people every day, 24/7, into and out of a city with 520 miles of waterfront.”

Source: Climate Central