Sustainable Agriculture April 7, 2012 : 4:57 PM

A new report for the UK discusses the need to develop sustainable agriculture:

"Farming must intensify sustainably, cut waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from farms, it says."

"The Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change spent more than a year assessing evidence from scientists and policymakers."

"Its final report was released at the Planet Under Pressure conference."

"The commission was chaired by Prof Sir John Beddington, the UK government's chief scientific adviser."

"If you're going to generate enough food both to address the poverty of a billion people not getting enough food, with another billion [in the global population] in 13 years' time, you've got to massively increase agriculture," Sir John told BBC News.

"You can't do it using the same agricultural techniques we've used before, because that would seriously increase greenhouse gas emissions for the whole world,with climate change knock-ons."

Source: BBC