Women and the Climate Crisis April 30, 2012 : 9:34 PM

Maggie Fox writes at the Climate Reality Blog:

“Making up the majority of the world’s poor, women are uniquely impacted by climate change. Women in the developing world are most often responsible for food production and the collection of freshwater and firewood. They depend on various types of natural resources that are easily damaged by climate change, through extreme weather and sea level rise.”

“Rising sea levels in Bangladesh’s Bay of Bengal, for example, are flushing harmfully brackish waters into nearby agricultural fields and wells, resulting in crop production losses and decreased freshwater availability for Bangladeshi women. With climate change, as more water from Antarctica’s melting ice sheets flows to the sea, this problem is only expected to worsen.”

“But women aren’t just impacted by climate change; they’re also critical agents of change. As UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres explains: “We are 50% of the population around the world and we represent more than 50% of the solution.” I think former Irish President Mary Robinson also articulates a critical point: “Women understand the inter-generational aspects of climate change and sustainable development. We women think in time horizons that span the lives of our children and grandchildren.” And even beyond.”